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  • Pictures, Video: Reclaim New York Initiative, Hudson Valley Residents & Business Owners Tell Albany to Stop Cuomo’s $1B Tax Bomb

    (New City, NY) – Today, Reclaim New York Initiative and Hudson Valley residents and business owners held a press conference, calling on state legislators to stop Governor Cuomo’s proposed $1 billion tax and fee increase, and urging oversight for economic development programs. “We are here today with the people who personally pay for the state’s […]

  • Reclaim New York Initiative Launches Statewide Drive to Fight Cuomo’s $1B Tax Bomb, Urges Citizen Action

    Group to hold regional press conferences with taxpayers and officials to stop the lies about federal tax reform, economic development waste, and proposed $1 billion tax and fee hike. (New York, NY) – Today, Reclaim New York Initiative announced the “Stop the Tax Bomb” grassroots campaign in opposition to a slew of proposals in the […]

  • Cuomo’s Costly State Broadband Expansion Would Slow with His New Fee Proposal

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on Governor Cuomo’s broadband expansion announcements today: “The Governor’s broadband policies are an expensive mess. “On one hand the Governor’s budget would drive up costs and slow expansion with an abusive new fee. On the other, taxpayers are forced to pay up to thousands of dollars per-house […]

  • Still the Worst. NYers Face Most Costly Tax Burden in Nation

    Reclaim New York Initiative statement on 24/7 Wall St. & Tax Foundation report showing New Yorkers pay the most in taxes, ranking 50th in the nation: “No matter how you look at it, New Yorkers are the most overburdened taxpayers in America. The crushing burdens of income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes are destroying the fabric of New […]

  • Tax Hearing: Cuomo Administration Readies $1 Billion Tax Bomb, Ducks the Truth

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on the State Legislature’s joint hearing on taxation in the FY2019 Executive Budget: “The Cuomo administration continues its tax-and-spend mantra: lie about federal tax reform and grab more money from New Yorkers to protect Albany’s out-of-control, wasteful spending. “Their desperate lawsuit and cooked up statistics can’t hide the fact that the Governor’s budget hits New York taxpayers with a […]

  • Mayor de Blasio Proposes Budget that Adds Fuel to the Affordability Crisis Fire

    Reclaim New York Initiative statement on Mayor de Blasio’s FY2019 preliminary budget proposal: “The Mayor’s budget is unconscionable and unaffordable. It adds billions in spending, and more debt, when city taxpayers and business are already struggling with some of the highest taxes in the nation. “If Mayor de Blasio really cares about the affordability crisis, incoming […]

  • Cuomo Blasts Washington for Cutting Taxes, Blames DC for His Own Tax Hike

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following response to today’s announcement that New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut will file a lawsuit over recently enacted federal tax reform: “This lawsuit is moronic. It’s spending our money attacking the federal government for actually cutting taxes for the vast majority of New Yorkers. “Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo’s budget […]

  • Chairman Lhota Doesn’t Get It. New Yorkers Can’t Trust MTA with their Money.

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement after the legislature’s joint hearing with MTA officials today: “If MTA leadership put half the effort they spend blaming Mayor de Blasio, and scheming to get more money from taxpayers, into fixing the subway, we’d all make it to work on-time. “Instead, after five long hours of […]

  • New Congestion Tax Makes NYers Pay to Bail Out MTA & Gov. Cuomo

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on the “Fix NYC” panel’s congestion pricing report: “Congestion pricing would be yet another massive new tax on New Yorkers. It would pass the bill for the MTA’s perpetual waste and management, and the Governor’s pass-the-buck leadership, to hard-working, overburdened commuters who can’t afford it. “More money, with no strings […]

  • Albany’s New Tax System Options Aren’t Taxpayer Protection, They’re Taxpayer Assault

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement today on the new tax system options included in the Department of Taxation and Finance’s “Preliminary Report on the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”: “After a month of Albany melting down over federal tax reform, this is what we get? This is a list of risky proposals that […]