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    RECLAIM INITIATIVE APPLAUDS GOVERNOR’S ATTEMPT TO TRIM THE FAT Statement from Reclaim Initiative in response to Governor Cuomo vetoing appropriations for the New York State Capital Assistance Program. “Last Friday, Governor Cuomo finally realized that it’s hogwash to give lawmakers an additional $44 million in capital spending to waste on earmarks. The Governor touted this […]

  • Amazon Fiasco in New York Yet Another National Embarrassment

    Statement from Reclaim New York Initiative in response to bribes and secret deals as a failed economic policy: “Bribes for companies simply don’t work. We saw it with the failure of the Governor’s upstate economic development plans. Maybe now, with yet another national embarrassment, the Governor will understand that secret deals using taxpayer money do […]

  • De Blasio “I’m Not Afraid of Spending”: Mayor Announces NYC Nearly $1 Billion Budget Shortfall

    Statement from Reclaim New York Initiative in response to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s budget address for fiscal year 2020. “‘I’m not afraid of spending, as long as we can sustain the spending.’ “This mentality is exactly what the citizens find wrong about New York State and New York City.  More spending, more problems. That should […]

  • Lindenhurst Residents Will Pay Illegal Fees To Buy Their Own Backyard

    The Village of Lindenhurst will force nearly 50 homeowners to buy a portion of their own backyard. That’s right. Residents will spend thousands of dollars to purchase land they thought they already owned. A village-owned “paper road” known as Richards Lane runs through the backyards of homes on north side of Orchard Street and the […]

  • Citizens Say Enough. Time to End Suffolk County’s Illegal Fees

    SMITHTOWN – On October 2, Reclaim New York Initiative hosted a press conference with Suffolk County residents, and Legislator Rob Trotta. The press conference addressed Suffolk Bill 1850: A Charter Law to Ensure the Legality of Suffolk County Fees. Under state law, fees cannot be more than the cost of specific services. Any surplus money […]


    Taxpayers express concern about tax, spending increases proposed by city manager WATERTOWN, NY – In advance of tonight’s City of Watertown budget hearing, local taxpayers and elected officials joined Reclaim New York Initiative for a discussion on how best to address concerns about the city manager’s budget proposal, which calls for a 9.5-percent tax increase and a […]

  • Rushed Budget Avoids Big Tax Hikes But Still Grabs Money to Fund Pork & Waste, With No Transparency Measures

    Reclaim New York Initiative Executive Director Brandon Muir provided the following statement on the passage of the FY2018-2019 New York State budget: “Did this budget make New York more affordable and less corrupt – the answer is a definitive, no. The Governor’s proposal started in a bad place and only through the Senate’s efforts did […]

  • Reclaim New York Initiative, Assembly Minority Leader Kolb, Senator Akshar, Assemblyman Byrne, Citizens, Call on Albany to Remove Tax & Fee Hikes during Budget Negotiations

    (Albany, NY) — In the heart of the State Capitol today, Reclaim New York Initiative hosted a press conference along with New Yorkers from across the state to urge lawmakers to reject proposed tax and fee increases totaling an estimated $1 billion. Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, Senator Fred Akshar, and Assemblyman Kevin Byrne participated. […]

  • Reclaim New York Initiative Cheers Senate Plan to Diffuse Cuomo’s $1 Billion “Tax Bomb”

    Reclaim New York Initiative continues to run the “Stop the Tax Bomb” grassroots campaign urging citizens to contact their legislators and demand $1 billion in taxes and fees be removed from the budget. The group’s Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following statement on the Senate majority’s one house budget: “We applaud the Senate budget […]

  • Reclaim New York Initiative, Long Island Residents, Business Owners Tell Albany to Stop Cuomo’s $1B Tax Bomb

    (Hauppauge, NY) – Today, Reclaim New York Initiative and Long Island residents and business owners held a press conference, calling on state legislators to stop Governor Cuomo’s proposed $1 billion tax and fee increase, and urging oversight for economic development programs. “We are here today with the people who personally pay for the state’s failed […]