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  • Action Alert: Stop Governor Cuomo’s Congestion Pricing Wall

    **Sign the petition below and afterwords click the “Email official” button and tell Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins to repeal congestion pricing now.** The Governor’s congestion pricing plan will disproportionately affect low-income commuters, many of whom already carpool to save on costs. Petition Statement We, the undersigned taxpayers, demand that Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and the […]

  • Action Alert: Tell Suffolk County Legislators to Sign the Discharge Petition

    Suffolk County is gouging residents with illegal fees. Lawmakers are overcharging citizens for the cost of services in a desperate attempt to patch the county’s busted budget. In fact, Suffolk County is collecting over $70 million from these fees. The worst example is the tax map verification fee. The county is charging $500 for verifying […]

  • Action Alert: Tell Governor Cuomo- Keep the Wage Tip Credit!

    It’s not easy getting employers and workers to agree on labor issues — but the wage tip credit is one where they do. Governor Cuomo has proposed ending this credit. That would force restaurant owners to foot more of the bill and shrink wages for employees. While celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker have endorsed the […]

  • Action Alert: Stop NYC’s $89B budget (that costs more than Starbucks – literally)

    Tell your New York City Councilmember: Vote NO on de Blasio’s budget Mayor de Blasio’s $89 billion proposed budget is the perfect example of “less is more”: fewer positive results and more wasteful spending. The mayor’s budget increases spending since last year at more than twice the rate of inflation. Spending ballooned over the previous […]

  • Action Alert- Tell Ulster County To Adopt Term Limits

    Ulster County legislators have proposed a bill that would limit elected officials from serving more than 12 years in any single county office.  With career politicians in county government on the rise, term limits are desperately needed throughout New York State. These term limits prevent public officials from using seniority to exert out-sized power in […]

  • Statement – Response to Vestal School District’s Claims

    Statement from Reclaim New York Initiative Executive Director Brandon Muir: “Voters in Vestal have now decided on their school district’s budget. Reclaim New York Initiative did not – and cannot – take a position on any budget referendum. Our outreach, conducted because taxpayers in Vestal came to us with concerns about the school district overtaxing […]

  • Tell Vestal Schools: Stop Hoarding Our Taxes!

    **Remember to sign the petition below to tell Vestal schools: Stop hoarding our taxes!** For years, Vestal Central School District has been hoarding millions of dollars in taxpayer money – enough to cut property taxes in half. Some of that saving is necessary. Some of it is even good. But most of it is just […]


    It’s no secret that Broome County is facing tough financial times. And keeping the county’s fund balance a secret is no way to fix its problems. A proposed “daylight law” from the Broome County Legislature would require the administration to release regular reports on the county’s financial health. This legislation is key to helping county […]

  • Senate Does Not Want Legislature Subject To Transparency Law

    The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) gives citizens access to public records. In the text of the law, the legislature declared that “government is the public’s business and that the public, individually and collectively and represented by a free press, should have access to the records of government.” This law’s biggest flaw? It does not […]

  • Stop Utica’s Unaffordable, Unacceptable Tax Hike

      Utica residents are struggling to save money. And that might become even harder with a proposed budget that drives up taxes nearly 8%. Mayor Palmieri’s proposed budget smashes the tax cap with a drastic tax increase when there are smart savings to be found. Residents should demand better planning and sensible cuts to minimize […]