• Lawmakers Push to Level the Playing Field During Budget Season

    Governor Cuomo’s once outspoken critics crumbled as the state budget process dragged on, ultimately handing the Governor everything he wanted in the final deal. Bold newcomers hoped they would have more of a say in the proposals passed. Maybe they didn’t know they would be left out of the negotiation process altogether. Albany’s biggest deals […]

  • LIC Better Off Without Amazon

    New Yorkers should give themselves a pat on the back for fighting off the state’s latest corporate welfare scheme – a handout to lure Amazon into Queens. Governor Cuomo’s administration and Empire State Development initially refused to offer any details on their incentive package. But once New Yorkers found out they would be handing over […]

  • Business As Usual During Albany Budget Negotiations

    Governor Cuomo called Albany’s $175 billion deal “the best budget” of his tenure. But the Legislature is tired of the Governor’s notorious back-door negotiating process. Governor Cuomo had hoped this budget season would run smoothly with a newly-elected Democratic majority in the Senate. But he was faced with an unprecedented amount of criticism from the […]

  • Cuomo Needs a Reminder on What Government Corruption Looks Like

    It should be obvious to Governor Cuomo that bribing companies to do business in New York doesn’t work. He tried to lure Amazon in with $3 billion worth of city and state corporate giveaways. But it still wasn’t enough to convince the wealthiest company in the world to set up shop in Long Island City. […]

  • Action Alert: Stop Governor Cuomo’s Congestion Pricing Wall

    **Sign the petition below and afterwords click the “Email official” button and tell Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins to repeal congestion pricing now.** The Governor’s congestion pricing plan will disproportionately affect low-income commuters, many of whom already carpool to save on costs. Petition Statement We, the undersigned taxpayers, demand that Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and the […]

  • Gianaris and Van Bramer Opposed Amazon, But Sold New Yorkers Out to Hollywood

    Bribing companies to do business in New York is a proven failure. New Yorkers pay millions for corporations to set up shop, but they get nothing in return. This “economic development” strategy only persists because it allows lawmakers to funnel work to friends, tout pet projects, and score political points. New Yorkers thought they had […]

  • New Yorkers Save $3 Billion on Amazon Corporate Welfare Scheme

    New Yorkers had to witness the state’s latest economic development scheme fail on a national stage. It should be obvious to the Governor that bribing companies to do business in New York simply doesn’t work. But that didn’t stop him from trying to lure Amazon to New York City. More than one year ago, Amazon […]

  • Governor Cuomo Admits His High Taxes Drove New Yorkers Out

    Mark your calendars, because the day has finally come: Governor Cuomo admitted his tax-and-spend policies have driven New Yorkers out of the state. But if you’re waiting for him to actually change those failed policies, don’t hold your breath. During a recent press conference, the Governor blamed the federal government for New York’s financial woes. […]


    Statement from Reclaim New York Initiative in response to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Property Tax Cap Proposal “Albany’s penchant for kicking the can down the road knows no bounds. For eight years Andrew Cuomo has hailed the benefits of the property tax cap, yet New York property tax bills remain among the highest in the nation. […]

  • Will Your State Lawmaker Pledge to Defend New Yorkers?

    **Remember to fill out the forms below to tell your legislator to sign the Pledge To Defend New Yorkers**   Reclaim Initiative is calling on lawmakers across the State to sign our Pledge to Defend New Yorkers. We’re fighting to put more money back in your pocket, support small businesses, and crackdown on corruption. It’s […]