Action Center

  • Action Alert: Stop the LIRR Commuter Hell

    It is no secret that New York’s transit system is a disaster. Heck, it’s gotten so bad, the MTA was just served a class action lawsuit for damages over poor LIRR service. The MTA finally announced plans to deal with the summer of hell commuters are facing. The big idea? Warn commuters that the trains […]

  • Action Alert: Tell Suffolk County to Keep Ridesharing Legal

      Ridesharing will become legal across New York State on June 29th, but don’t pull out your phone to book a ride just yet if you live in Suffolk County It’s all thanks to a wrench Albany threw into its ridesharing bill. Larger counties have the choice to opt-out of the law, and some legislators […]

  • Albany Offers Mostly Small Swings At Massive Mandate Problem

      Unfunded mandates, they might be the biggest reason your property taxes are so high. Everyone – well, everyone outside of the Governor’s office at least – knows that Albany’s biggest contribution to New York’s high property taxes are unfunded mandates. Plans like the Governor’s shared services push are more about show than addressing rampant […]

  • Action Alert: Stop Albany’s Healthcare Takeover

      Your healthcare could be changed forever in just a few weeks. Legislation to create a single-payer healthcare system is just ONE vote away from becoming reality. The State Assembly passed a “Medicare for All” bill which would establish a government run healthcare system and outlaw private insurance. It now has 31 sponsors in the […]

  • Tell Your Legislators: End NY’s $8 Billion in “Economic Development” Scams

     Albany’s gameshow “economic development” programs are now proven failures – – and proven to be massive wastes of public money. Reclaim New York has long warned that the state’s bribes for businesses are the wrong approach to fixing our economy. We’ve warned that handing out cash and sweetheart tax breaks to politically-connected companies and projects […]

  • Action Alert: Tell Albany to Vote for Transparency for Shady Non-Profits

    The public corruption crisis that has reached every part of New York State can’t be fixed with one piece of legislation. Though it will require many steps to create the citizen-driven oversight we need to hold officials accountable every day, Albany lawmakers can help make state government more transparent, and accountable to citizens, by passing […]

  • Action Alert: Albany Budget Beat Down NYers

      Is it any surprise that a budget built on B.S. ended up with a total mess that taxpayers will have to clean up? New York’s bloated bulbous budget managed to make its way through backroom negotiations yet again. The total lack of transparency provided by Albany’s notorious three-men-in-a-room negotiating process meant that New Yorkers […]

  • ACTION ALERT: Stop Cortland County’s Criminally Expensive, Rushed New Jail Proposal

    Cortland County has resembled The Great Escape with overburdened residents and taxpayers leaving to find more opportunity elsewhere. But a costly new prison is not the answer. It will only worsen the affordability issues burdening residents. Here’s why building a new jail is the wrong option for financially-strapped Cortland County: The project could carry as high […]

  • Action Alert: Stop Suffolk County’s Unaffordable, Unauthorized Fees.

    Instead of doing their jobs, Suffolk County officials want to force you to pay for their bad budgeting. They’re pushing $50 million in unaffordable, unconstitutional, unauthorized fees. It’s unreal. They could have learned from their neighbor Nassau’s big budget mistakes, but Suffolk officials are following the same road to ruin. Here’s what you need to […]