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  • Action Alert: Save Elmira from the 17% tax increase

    Few places in New York have been hit harder by economic struggles and the affordability crisis than Elmira. As a result, families and businesses have had to make tough decisions and many have left. Government must make tough decisions too. The city can’t keep passing the buck to taxpayers and making it even more difficult […]

  • Sign the “No More Excuses” Petition. Tell Albany to Pass Real Ethics Reform Now.

    New Yorkers have been demanding serious ethics reform for years. Albany has completely failed to deliver – and the parade of high-level corruption trials is a result of their failures. Governor Cuomo’s so-called “ethics reform” package provides a few meaningful improvements to make state government more transparent. But it lacks the core principles to make […]

  • Tell Your Lawmakers: Stop Albany’s $1B Tax Hike & Insider Giveaways

    Some Albany politicians are claiming Congress is raising your taxes. But the new federal tax reform law gives the vast majority of New Yorkers a tax cut. It’s state lawmakers that have made New York a tax hell – and they’re looking to turn up the heat. If our elected officials are concerned about the […]

  • Tell the Assembly: Protect NYers from $1.5B Stealth Tax Hike, Pass No-Brainer Tax Code Fix

    The last thing New Yorkers can afford right now is more taxes. Governor Cuomo’s budget includes about $1 billion in new taxes and fees – but there’s another $1.5 billion stealth tax hike lurking as well. New York’s tax code was designed to mirror the federal tax code. With recent federal changes, New Yorkers lack the flexibility […]

  • Statement: Hempstead Supervisor’s Shameless Personnel Scheme

    Reclaim New York Initiative provided the following statement on Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony Santino’s proposal to pay off, and shield, select employees from the incoming administration: “Supervisor Santino’s shameless personnel moves reveal a disturbing attitude that government exists to serve the interests of a political machine at taxpayers’ expense. “The Town Council should vote down […]

  • Tell Hempstead Town Council: Reject Supervisor Santino’s Shameless Political Machine Payoff

      Last month’s historic election which showed Town of Hempstead residents want new leadership. Outgoing Town Supervisor Anthony Santino’s even said he wished incoming Supervisor Laura Gillen, “the best of success as she assumes the position of Hempstead Town Supervisor” and that he looked forward “to working cooperatively with her to ensure a smooth transition.” […]

  • Action Alert: Mt. Vernon City Council Budget Serves Public, Nixes Mayor’s Self-Serving Budget

    Mount Vernon residents are no longer stuck with the Mayor’s nightmare of a budget. The mayor’s proposal would not only raises taxes on his already overtaxed residents, but give himself a raise in the process. The council puts an end to this costly fantasy. The City Council President and City Comptroller offered a counter-proposal. This […]


    The fight for open, transparent government is about empowering you to hold government officials accountable. We can’t expect politicians to police themselves without effective citizen oversight. To do that, New York needs a stronger Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). Right now, people must be prepared to back up any records requests they send with a […]


    Mount Vernon’s budget is the mayor’s dream, but the taxpayers’ nightmare. The mayor not only raises taxes on his already overtaxed residents, but also depletes the city’s reserves funds. When it comes to making a realistic budget, Mayor Richard Thomas’ priorities are scoring political points with public employees and increasing his bank account. It is […]


    Cortland County is in a vicious cycle of taxing and spending more each year. It is unaffordable. In 2017, Cortland spent $133 million. Neighboring Chenango County – with almost the same population – spent merely $89 million. Nearby Tioga and Madison Counties have higher populations but spend half as much. Now, Cortland County politicians want […]