Month: April 2019


    RECLAIM INITIATIVE APPLAUDS GOVERNOR’S ATTEMPT TO TRIM THE FAT Statement from Reclaim Initiative in response to Governor Cuomo vetoing appropriations for the New York State Capital Assistance Program. “Last Friday, Governor Cuomo finally realized that it’s hogwash to give lawmakers an additional $44 million in capital spending to waste on earmarks. The Governor touted this […]

  • Lawmakers Push to Level the Playing Field During Budget Season

    Governor Cuomo’s once outspoken critics crumbled as the state budget process dragged on, ultimately handing the Governor everything he wanted in the final deal. Bold newcomers hoped they would have more of a say in the proposals passed. Maybe they didn’t know they would be left out of the negotiation process altogether. Albany’s biggest deals […]

  • LIC Better Off Without Amazon

    New Yorkers should give themselves a pat on the back for fighting off the state’s latest corporate welfare scheme – a handout to lure Amazon into Queens. Governor Cuomo’s administration and Empire State Development initially refused to offer any details on their incentive package. But once New Yorkers found out they would be handing over […]

  • Business As Usual During Albany Budget Negotiations

    Governor Cuomo called Albany’s $175 billion deal “the best budget” of his tenure. But the Legislature is tired of the Governor’s notorious back-door negotiating process. Governor Cuomo had hoped this budget season would run smoothly with a newly-elected Democratic majority in the Senate. But he was faced with an unprecedented amount of criticism from the […]

  • Cuomo Needs a Reminder on What Government Corruption Looks Like

    It should be obvious to Governor Cuomo that bribing companies to do business in New York doesn’t work. He tried to lure Amazon in with $3 billion worth of city and state corporate giveaways. But it still wasn’t enough to convince the wealthiest company in the world to set up shop in Long Island City. […]