De Blasio “I’m Not Afraid of Spending”: Mayor Announces NYC Nearly $1 Billion Budget Shortfall

Statement from Reclaim New York Initiative in response to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s budget address for fiscal year 2020.

“‘I’m not afraid of spending, as long as we can sustain the spending.’ “This mentality is exactly what the citizens find wrong about New York State and New York City.  More spending, more problems. That should be the tagline for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s $92.2 billion budget. Year after year the Mayor has ballooned spending with little results. This year’s proposal even includes far-fetched promises like free health care. Instead of helping businesses, families, or commuters, de Blasio has chosen to blindly throw more money at New York’s problems. To make matters worse, on the heels of the Governor’s announcement of a $2.3 billion revenue shortfall at the state level, de Blasio revealed that the city is projecting a shortfall of $935 million. This is what socialism gets us.

“It’s high time the Mayor built a sound budget to make our city more affordable. If high taxes and massive spending were the solution, New York City wouldn’t be facing affordability, housing, and transit crises. New Yorkers know the Mayor’s big spending leads to big failures.”

Image from Kevin Case.