Month: February 2019

  • Governor Cuomo Admits His High Taxes Drove New Yorkers Out

    Mark your calendars, because the day has finally come: Governor Cuomo admitted his tax-and-spend policies have driven New Yorkers out of the state. But if you’re waiting for him to actually change those failed policies, don’t hold your breath. During a recent press conference, the Governor blamed the federal government for New York’s financial woes. […]

  • Amazon Fiasco in New York Yet Another National Embarrassment

    Statement from Reclaim New York Initiative in response to bribes and secret deals as a failed economic policy: “Bribes for companies simply don’t work. We saw it with the failure of the Governor’s upstate economic development plans. Maybe now, with yet another national embarrassment, the Governor will understand that secret deals using taxpayer money do […]

  • De Blasio “I’m Not Afraid of Spending”: Mayor Announces NYC Nearly $1 Billion Budget Shortfall

    Statement from Reclaim New York Initiative in response to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s budget address for fiscal year 2020. “‘I’m not afraid of spending, as long as we can sustain the spending.’ “This mentality is exactly what the citizens find wrong about New York State and New York City.  More spending, more problems. That should […]