Statement from Reclaim New York Initiative in response to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Property Tax Cap Proposal

“Albany’s penchant for kicking the can down the road knows no bounds. For eight years Andrew Cuomo has hailed the benefits of the property tax cap, yet New York property tax bills remain among the highest in the nation. Today’s version, a so-called permanent property tax cap, continues the status quo. While it sounds great on paper, taxpayers will be left asking the question, ‘where’s the relief?’

“Without addressing the leading role Albany plays in runaway state and local spending, limiting revenue through the tax cap will be a fruitless effort, leaving the same taxpayers the Governor aims to protect to be sacked with an unsustainable property tax burden regardless of the efforts made by local governments.

“Instead of crafting policy focused on getting the headline, the Governor should be working with local officials to advance a comprehensive plan that fundamentally reduces the costs of New York’s many layers of government.”

Photo credit by Pat Arnow.