Will Your State Lawmaker Pledge to Defend New Yorkers?
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Reclaim Initiative is calling on lawmakers across the State to sign our Pledge to Defend New Yorkers. We’re fighting to put more money back in your pocket, support small businesses, and crackdown on corruption.

It’s no secret that New York has a spending crisis. Residents from Montauk to Buffalo feel the burden of the Empire State’s out-of-control taxes and fees. Last session, we worked with citizens and lawmakers to fight a $1 billion tax bomb included in Governor Cuomo’s budget. This year we will continue to stand up for New Yorkers who are being crushed by Albany’s affordability crisis.

In order to create jobs, Albany needs to make New York welcoming to all businesses. But the $3 billion Amazon giveaway just proved lawmakers aren’t looking out for New York’s small businesses. Albany must stop handing out taxpayer money to select special interests. Especially when they’re worth nearly one trillion dollars.

The Empire State spends billions of dollars every year on economic development without transparency or accountability. This spending is directly linked to the rampant corruption plaguing Albany. Look no further than the latest guilty verdict in the Empire State’s corruption saga from Joseph Percoco, former top aide to Governor Cuomo.

Albany’s inability to control spending, spur job growth, or clean up corruption are just a few reasons why we are calling on legislators to pledge to YOU that they will take these issues seriously.


Tell your State Assembly member and State Senator to sign Reclaim New York Initiative’s Pledge to Defend New Yorkers. 

Pledge to Defend New Yorkers:

I will defend taxpayers. They are not Albany’s piggy bank!

I will defend workers by reducing red tape to create better opportunities.

I will defend New Yorkers against the most corrupt state government in the nation.

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