Accompanied by citizens and county legislators, Reclaim New York Initiative held a press conference on October 2 to fight against illegal fees in Suffolk County.

Displayed front and center was a $70 million giant check paid to the order of the Suffolk County government, emblematic of the $70 million in illegal revenue Suffolk County has stolen from its residents. At the bottom, the memo read “Paid in Protest.”

During the conference, Legislator Robert Trotta outlined his proposed legislation, which would prohibit lawmakers from transferring fee revenue to the general fund and force the county to report the true cost of services before finalizing a budget.

This law would require more accountability from the Suffolk County government, finally putting a stop to the current illegal fees and preventing future ones. Six citizens spoke out in favor of the proposal, praising new transparency measures and decreased costs.

Following the conference, more citizens spoke at the county’s public hearing, courageously sharing their personal stories on how illegal fees have impacted them. Residents criticized the county for breaking the law and expressed support for Trotta’s fee-fighting legislation.

Legislators thought imposing illegal fees would go unnoticed. On October 2, citizens proved them wrong.

Suffolk County’s Budget and Finance Committee is scheduled to vote on Legislator Trotta’s bill on October 16. Don’t let legislators get away with robbery by tabling the bill. Put pressure on your lawmakers for increased transparency and affordability by voicing your support for Trotta’s legislation today.

Here’s What You Can Do:

1. Call Legislators Sarah Anker (631-854-1600) and Robert Calarco (631-854-1400). Let them know that you support Legislator Robert Trotta’s bill to fight the fees. A vote to table is a vote to kill. Don’t let them kill this bill.

2. Use #FightTheFees on social media.

3. Sign up on the form below for a #FightTheFees lawn sign: