Month: September 2018

  • Time To Take Charge: Stop Illegal Fees In Suffolk County

    Suffolk County is exploiting taxpayers by stealing from them through illegal fees, and hoping that no one will notice. It’s up to you to fight back against money-grubbing legislators. You need to let them know that you are watching, you are furious, and you are going to fight against it! Already, the county government has collected […]

  • Suffolk County Legislature Shows No Remorse for Robbing Residents Blind

    Suffolk County legislators are knowingly robbing citizens of their hard-earned money by imposing illegal fees. Instead of addressing budgetary issues with real reform, legislators have turned to highway robbery and illegally passed the bill to taxpayers. State law says all service-related fees must be designated towards covering the cost of that service alone. Instead, Suffolk […]

  • Action Alert: Tell Suffolk County Legislators to Sign the Discharge Petition

    Suffolk County is gouging residents with illegal fees. Lawmakers are overcharging citizens for the cost of services in a desperate attempt to patch the county’s busted budget. In fact, Suffolk County is collecting over $70 million from these fees. The worst example is the tax map verification fee. The county is charging $500 for verifying […]