Shame on Ulster County Legislators



Statement from Reclaim New York Initiative Hudson Valley Regional Coordinator Domenick Cocchiara in response to Ulster County’s decision to postpone a vote on term limits:

“Reclaim New York Initiative condemns Ulster County lawmakers for putting politics before policy during tonight’s public hearing and failing to pass a commonsense reform.

“Too many career politicians are a recipe for corruption. Yet, the Ulster County Legislature failed once again to take action and address New Yorkers’ concerns.

“County residents expected lawmakers to vote on a proposal to impose term limits on elected officials. The proposal would have put a check on long-time incumbents and leveled the playing field for citizens. Instead, the legislature postponed the vote, for a second time, until September.

“Our system of government was designed to be run by citizen-legislators, not career politicians. This bill would have been a small step toward amending Ulster County’s broken status quo. Unfortunately, it looks like residents will have to suffer for a while longer.”