Following Outreach by Reclaim, Taxpayers, Watertown Council Votes to Stay Under The Tax Cap

In advance of the City of Watertown budget hearing, local taxpayers and elected officials joined Reclaim New York Initiative for a discussion on how best to address concerns about the city manager’s budget proposal.

As proposed by the City Manager, the budget would wallop taxpayers with a 9.5% tax hike, and, despite facing a budget shortfall, it would increase spending by 5%.

During the session, Reclaim New York Initiative Regional Director John Byrne said, in part, “People simply can’t afford to have their taxes growing in leaps and bounds. The proposed budget doesn’t help people, it only serves to feed a government addicted to spending.”

Following the Reclaim’s session, the Watertown City Council voted 3-2 against a local law allowing the city to override the tax cap.

Byrne lauded the council’s decision, saying, “Hats off to the councilmembers and the Mayor who have expressed a willingness to find cuts and scale back the proposal. Diligent, informed budgeting – not unfettered spending – does more to help the city and the economy grow. Opposing a tax cap override is the first step in getting a responsible budget that works for the city and its taxpayers.”

The City’s budget talks are scheduled to resume today, with a final vote slated for Monday, June 4.