Action Alert- Tell Ulster County To Adopt Term Limits

Ulster County legislators have proposed a bill that would limit elected officials from serving more than 12 years in any single county office.  With career politicians in county government on the rise, term limits are desperately needed throughout New York State.

These term limits prevent public officials from using seniority to exert out-sized power in the public policy process.  By leveling the playing field, Ulster County residents have more equal representation in county government.

Term limits will also make it easier for other candidates to run and win elections, providing new voices and fresh ideas in county government.

Our system of government was designed to be run by citizen-legislators, not career politicians. Ulster County should pass the bill to establish a 12-year limit of service in a single county-level elected office.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Term limits make government better

Term limits prevent legislators from consolidating too much power and exerting excess control. They keep long-time incumbents from wielding disproportionate influence on government and ensure citizens are represented more equally across districts. Term limits also make it easier for other candidates to run and win, bringing new voices and fresh ideas to the process.


  1. Reasonable 12-year limit

Ulster County’s term limits bill would cap public service in a single county position at a reasonable 12 years. This does not prevent a public official from serving additional years in another position.


  1. Citizens decide

Voters, not elected officials, are the final decision-makers on this issue. If passed, the bill would have to be approved by a public referendum during the next general election.


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call or email your county legislator and tell them you want term limits in Ulster County. See the list below for contact information.
  2. Then, tell us about your phone call or email below.

Ulster County Legislators*Click here to see a map of Ulster County’s legislative districts.

District 1 – Town of Saugerties

Mary Wawro

(845) 246-1017


District 2 – Town of Saugerties; Village of Saugerties

Joe Maloney

(845) 901-0520



District 3 – Town of Saugerties; Town of Ulster

Dean Fabiano

(845) 246-2067

District 4 – Town of Ulster; Town of Kingston

James Maloney

(845) 339-7338


District 5 – City of Kingston

Lynn Eckert

(845) 392-3205


District 6 – City of Kingston

David Donaldson

(845) 399-8709


District 7 – City of Kingston

Brian Woltman

(845) 331-2202


District 8 – Town of Esopus

Laura Petit

(845) 340-1293


District 9 – Town of Lloyd; Town of Plattekill

Herbert Litts

(845) 741-1997


District 10 – Town of Lloyd; Town of Marlborough

Mary Beth Maio

(845) 546-7878


District 11 – Town of Marlborough

Richard Gerentine

(845) 236-2604


District 12 – Town of Plattekill

Kevin Roberts

(845) 566-7663


District 13 – Town of Shawangunk

Ken Ronk

(845) 728-3276


District 14 – Town of Shawangunk; Town of Wawarsing

Craig Lopez

(845) 382-9664


District 15 – Town of Wawarsing; Village of Ellenville

Rev. Julius Collins

(845) 706-1358


District 16 – Town of Shawangunk; Town of Gardiner

Tracey Bartels

(845) 255-0804


District 17 – Town of Esopus; Town of New Paltz

James Delaune

(914) 475-4342


District 18 – Town of Hurley; Town of Marbletown

Heidi Haynes

(845) 224-1806


District 19 – Town of Marbletown; Town of Rosendale

Manna Jo Greene

(845) 687-9253


District 20 – Town of New Paltz; Village of New Paltz

Hector Rodriguez

(845) 401-2000


District 21 – Town of Rochester; Town of Wawarsing

Lynn Archer

(845) 626-7358


District 22 – Town of Denning; Town of Hardenburgh; Town of Olive; Town of Shandaken

Kathy Nolan

(845) 417-6489


District 23 – Town of Hurley; Town of Woodstock

Jonathan Heppner

(845) 594-3141