Tell Vestal Schools: Stop Hoarding Our Taxes!

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**Remember to sign the petition below to tell Vestal schools: Stop hoarding our taxes!**

For years, Vestal Central School District has been hoarding millions of dollars in taxpayer money – enough to cut property taxes in half.

Some of that saving is necessary. Some of it is even good. But most of it is just abusive to taxpayers.

In fact, the district has been cited *twice* by the State Comptroller for over-taxing residents and keeping too much money.

Now, instead of spending down unreasonably high reserve funds, the school board wants to raise taxes more than 1.4%. Vestal taxpayers simply can’t afford being over-taxed again.

The Vestal school board should use unnecessarily high reserve funds to balance their budget, not another needless tax hike.

Here’s what you need to know:                                                                                                                                               

1. Failing Audits Repeatedly

  • The Vestal Central School District (VCSD) was cited twice by the State Comptroller for violating state laws controlling reserve funds. In an audit last year, the Comptroller found that VCSD kept extra cash at nearly 9% of their budget, more than twice the legal limit.

2. Keeping More Than Necessary

  • Some of VCSD’s savings accounts far exceed what they need. Vestal’s tax certiorari account – which is used to refund tax overpayments – is 16 times larger than the district uses on average. That’s even higher than the same accounts for all other Broome County schools combined.

3. Taxing More While Enrollment Shrinks

  • Despite declining enrollment, VCSD consistently over-taxes residents to build up massive budget surpluses. In just three years, the district’s unused cash grew by nearly 40%. Vestal’s current leftover funds are nearly half of what they collect in taxes each year.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Sign the petition below. Tell Vestal Central School District to amend their proposed 2018 budget to spend down excess reserve funds and deliver at 0% tax hike – or even better, a tax cut.

Tell Vestal Schools: Stop Hoarding Our Taxes!

We, the undersigned taxpayers, demand that the Vestal Central School District School Board amend its 2018–2019 budget to keep the property tax levy at 2017-2018 levels. We ask that the board utilize excess funds in reserve accounts to balance the district’s budget instead of another unnecessary tax increase. Vestal residents deserve real tax relief, not another unnecessary hike.

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2. Make your voice heard at a public hearing:

Vestal Central School Board meeting

May 8th at 6 PM
Clayton Avenue Elementary School Auditorium
209 Clayton Avenue, Vestal, NY