Month: March 2018

  • The Buffalo News: Cuomo budget increases taxes to fund economic development disasters

    Reclaim New York Initiative communications director Doug Kellogg wrote a recent article in The Buffalo News on the Governor’s executive budget and its wasteful “economic development” spending in Western New York. “Albany should embrace federal reform and pursue state unfunded mandate reform to directly relieve high property tax burdens. Instead, the governor’s budget turns to $1 […]

  • Cuomo’s Costly State Broadband Expansion Would Slow with His New Fee Proposal

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on Governor Cuomo’s broadband expansion announcements today: “The Governor’s broadband policies are an expensive mess. “On one hand the Governor’s budget would drive up costs and slow expansion with an abusive new fee. On the other, taxpayers are forced to pay up to thousands of dollars per-house […]

  • Albany Times Union: Cuomo pulls false alarm on federal tax reform

    Reclaim New York Initiative executive director Brandon Muir wrote a recent article in the Albany Times Union that sheds light on the Governor’s executive budget and the federal tax reform plan. “The governor’s plan can’t claim to protect taxpayers when it pushed a billion-dollar tax and fee hike instead of focusing on spending that has […]