“Stop the Tax Bomb” Campaign Billboard Puts Exclamation Point on Call to Scrap $1B Tax & Fee Hike

Reclaim New York Initiative’s “Stop the Tax Bomb” grassroots campaign is down to the wire as the state legislature negotiates the final budget deal. Taxes and fees are still alive, including a ridesharing and taxi surcharge, money grab from Fidelis, and the sick opioid tax.

New Yorkers can still contact their legislators and demand $1 billion in taxes and fees be removed from the budget.

Reclaim New York Initiative launched a billboard as part of the effort, sending a message to Albany: New Yorkers can’t afford to foot the bill for the state’s unaffordable policies anymore.

New York’s $168 billion budget costs twice as much as Florida’s, despite having similar populations.

Families and businesses continue to flee the Empire State in droves because of the state’s second-worst economic climate, and worst overall tax burden.

New Yorkers are speaking out against these crippling taxes and fees. Citizens from the Southern Tier, Long Island, Hudson Valley, Central and Northern New York joined the “Stop the Tax Bomb” campaign for a rally at the State Capitol to demand real tax relief.



Tell Albany to stop the lies, stop the waste, and stop the tax hikes HERE.