Reclaim New York Initiative Cheers Senate Plan to Diffuse Cuomo’s $1 Billion “Tax Bomb”

Reclaim New York Initiative continues to run the “Stop the Tax Bomb” grassroots campaign urging citizens to contact their legislators and demand $1 billion in taxes and fees be removed from the budget. The group’s Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following statement on the Senate majority’s one house budget:

“We applaud the Senate budget for striking out the Governor’s proposed $1 billion tax and fee hikes. New Yorkers have spoken out against these crippling taxes and fees, and it’s encouraging that the Senate Majority has a plan to stop any tax hikes in the final budget.

“This runs in stark contrast to an Assembly budget that lies about federal tax reform, and raises taxes on New Yorkers even more to fund Albany’s self-serving priorities.

“New York is losing families and businesses in droves because of the state’s second-worst economic climate, and worst overall tax burden. Enough is enough. New Yorkers should not be hit again by Albany to pay for pet projects and corrupt economic development programs.

“The Senate deserves full credit for drawing a line in the sand on the Cuomo budget’s money grab. However, more should be done to address economic development waste and abuse.

“Instead of finding savings from $8 billion that is spent on the most expensive and least effective programs in the nation, they offer only window dressing.

“Ending the failed START-UP NY program is a no-brainer. But shifting spending on glitzy promotional ads to other programs misses the point. That money should be used to improve opportunity for all New York businesses.
“Championing promised mandate reforms to lower property taxes, and fighting against the Governor’s tax and fee bomb, will make the Senate heroes for New Yorkers who are tired of being viewed as Albany’s piggy bank.

“Now, the rubber meets the road and we’ll see if the Senate delivers when negotiations head behind closed-doors.”