Assembly Tax and Spend Binge Puts Albany First, Not New York Families

The Assembly’s budget plan steals from the most overburdened taxpayers in the country and gives to Albany insiders. It completely misses the point that families can’t afford to foot the bill for the state’s high-cost policies anymore.

There is nothing in this plan about job creation, or improving the economic climate. Instead, they must have looked at the Governor’s $168 billion proposal and thought, ‘twice the size of Florida’s budget? We can beat that’.

They say they want to protect New Yorkers from federal tax reform based on a lie that it includes “middle class tax increases”. Their plan then raises taxes on the small segment of taxpayers who will be affected by capped deductions.

The Assembly budget does nothing to reform or limit Albany mandates on local governments that drive up property taxes. That is the most direct way to help New Yorkers who could pay more after SALT was capped.

In fact, the plan increases property taxes with a hike in the Real Estate Transfer tax and a new tax on property owners who sell within two years of buying a property. This only adds to a New York City property tax system that is in desperate need of reform, not new burdens.

The Assembly wants to throw more money at the MTA without demanding any accountability from the failing agency. It would make hailing a cab and ridesharing more expensive to find revenue for an MTA that has been caught slowing down trains, shifting money from fixes to flashy projects, and driving up construction costs to pad pockets.

It’s like the Assembly saw the Governor’s tax bomb proposal and decided to up the explosiveness.

Tell Albany to stop the lies, stop the waste, and stop the tax hikes HERE.