Stop Utica’s Unaffordable, Unacceptable Tax Hike


Utica residents are struggling to save money. And that might become even harder with a proposed budget that drives up taxes nearly 8%.

Mayor Palmieri’s proposed budget smashes the tax cap with a drastic tax increase when there are smart savings to be found.

Residents should demand better planning and sensible cuts to minimize their tax hike and avoid this happening in the future.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Opportunities to cut spending do exist. Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri proposed a city budget that includes a 7.8 percent property tax hike ($200 on a house assessed at $100,000). Palmieri blamed the increase on expenses “we have no control over.” Yet, there are multiple options to cut the needed $3 million in costs without affecting services.
  • Residents should not buy claims that nothing can be done. There are projects that can be delayed or trimmed that amount to most of the tax hike. The Common Council should be accountable for their votes to take on debt to pay for projects as well.
  • A salary hike sends the wrong message. The Mayor cannot say with a straight face that he is trying his hardest to find savings while getting a pay increase. This sends a clear message that this budget is not putting taxpayers’ concerns first.

Here’s what you can do:

Call your Utica Common Councilmembers. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Call 315-792-0113 and ask to speak with all THREE of your citywide councilmembers:
  • Councilman Mark Williamson (citywide)
  • Jack LoMedico (citywide)
  • Edward T. Bucciero (citywide)
  • Then, call 315-792-0113 and ask to speak with your ONE district councilmember:
    • Maria McNiel (District 1)
    • David L. Testa (District 2)
    • John Jacon (District 3)
    • Joseph A. Marino (District 4)
    • Bill Phillips (District 5)
    • Samantha Colosimo-Testa (District 6)

*Find your district councilmember by clicking here on this map.

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**Photo by Saphron Blaze**