Sign the “No More Excuses” Petition. Tell Albany to Pass Real Ethics Reform Now.

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New Yorkers have been demanding serious ethics reform for years.

Albany has completely failed to deliver – and the parade of high-level corruption trials is a result of their failures.

Governor Cuomo’s so-called “ethics reform” package provides a few meaningful improvements to make state government more transparent. But it lacks the core principles to make it comprehensive ethics reform.

Albany has no excuse to fail on ethics reform again.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Governor Cuomo’s proposal finally applies the state’s transparency law to the New York State Legislature. This would allow citizens to access public records from their state lawmakers just like they can from nearly all other state and local public officials.
  • The proposal would prohibit companies that are actively bidding or have recently been awarded a government contract from donating to elected officials who could influence the award of those contracts.
  • Despite two positive measures, the Governor’s plan is not comprehensive ethics reform. Among many other components, it lacks independent oversight for economic development.
    It doesn’t address abuses which shut the public out of the legislative process.  And it allows nonsense bonuses to legislators who simply do their job to continue.

Tired of waiting for state government ethics reform? Tired of Albany’s sorry excuses for failing to clean up corruption?

Sign the “No More Excuses” Petition TODAY:

No More Excuses. Pass Real Ethics Reform Now.

Albany has failed to deliver on its promise of real ethics reform. With the ongoing embarrassment of corruption trials, there is no excuse not to act this session.

As concerned New Yorkers, we ask our state legislators to:

1) SUPPORT the Governor’s FOIL reform bill, as an independent measure, to apply basic transparency laws to the state legislature.
2) SUPPORT the Governor’s ban on political contributions by companies doing business with the state as an independent measure.
3) DEMAND ethics reforms that empower real independent oversight through the elected state comptroller, not political appointees

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