Tax Hearing: Cuomo Administration Readies $1 Billion Tax Bomb, Ducks the Truth

Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on the State Legislature’s joint hearing on taxation in the FY2019 Executive Budget:

“The Cuomo administration continues its tax-and-spend mantra: lie about federal tax reform and grab more money from New Yorkers to protect Albany’s out-of-control, wasteful spending.

“Their desperate lawsuit and cooked up statistics can’t hide the fact that the Governor’s budget hits New York taxpayers with a billion-dollar gut punch. That’s the real taxpayer assault.

“Instead of squandering more tax dollars on ineffective economic development programs that produce few jobs, and triggered federal corruption trials, they should be focused on reducing taxes and helping local governments by eliminating unfunded mandates. These real-world solutions are what New Yorkers need.

“The tax plan would only make New York more unaffordable for families and businesses, driving up costs on everything from health insurance to online shopping. The administration is putting Albany political insiders first, and passing the bill to the most overburdened taxpayers in the country. It’s outrageous.”