Month: February 2018

  • Action Alert: Save Elmira from the 17% tax increase

    Few places in New York have been hit harder by economic struggles and the affordability crisis than Elmira. As a result, families and businesses have had to make tough decisions and many have left. Government must make tough decisions too. The city can’t keep passing the buck to taxpayers and making it even more difficult […]

  • Still the Worst. NYers Face Most Costly Tax Burden in Nation

    Reclaim New York Initiative statement on 24/7 Wall St. & Tax Foundation report showing New Yorkers pay the most in taxes, ranking 50th in the nation: “No matter how you look at it, New Yorkers are the most overburdened taxpayers in America. The crushing burdens of income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes are destroying the fabric of New […]

  • Sign the “No More Excuses” Petition. Tell Albany to Pass Real Ethics Reform Now.

    New Yorkers have been demanding serious ethics reform for years. Albany has completely failed to deliver – and the parade of high-level corruption trials is a result of their failures. Governor Cuomo’s so-called “ethics reform” package provides a few meaningful improvements to make state government more transparent. But it lacks the core principles to make […]

  • Tax Hearing: Cuomo Administration Readies $1 Billion Tax Bomb, Ducks the Truth

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on the State Legislature’s joint hearing on taxation in the FY2019 Executive Budget: “The Cuomo administration continues its tax-and-spend mantra: lie about federal tax reform and grab more money from New Yorkers to protect Albany’s out-of-control, wasteful spending. “Their desperate lawsuit and cooked up statistics can’t hide the fact that the Governor’s budget hits New York taxpayers with a […]

  • Tell Your Lawmakers: Stop Albany’s $1B Tax Hike & Insider Giveaways

    Some Albany politicians are claiming Congress is raising your taxes. But the new federal tax reform law gives the vast majority of New Yorkers a tax cut. It’s state lawmakers that have made New York a tax hell – and they’re looking to turn up the heat. If our elected officials are concerned about the […]

  • Tell the Assembly: Protect NYers from $1.5B Stealth Tax Hike, Pass No-Brainer Tax Code Fix

    The last thing New Yorkers can afford right now is more taxes. Governor Cuomo’s budget includes about $1 billion in new taxes and fees – but there’s another $1.5 billion stealth tax hike lurking as well. New York’s tax code was designed to mirror the federal tax code. With recent federal changes, New Yorkers lack the flexibility […]

  • Mayor de Blasio Proposes Budget that Adds Fuel to the Affordability Crisis Fire

    Reclaim New York Initiative statement on Mayor de Blasio’s FY2019 preliminary budget proposal: “The Mayor’s budget is unconscionable and unaffordable. It adds billions in spending, and more debt, when city taxpayers and business are already struggling with some of the highest taxes in the nation. “If Mayor de Blasio really cares about the affordability crisis, incoming […]