Senate ‘Affordability Agenda’ Features Good Steps, But More Reform Needed

Reclaim New York Initiative provided the following statement on the Senate majority’s “Affordability Agenda”:

“The Senate Majority is focused on the right problem. New Yorkers are being driven out by an affordability crisis fueled by some of the worst tax-and-spend policies in the country.

“The Senate deserves credit for taking the lead on urgently needed reforms that reduce the massive property tax burdens on New Yorkers.

“Mandate reform, and a permanent property tax cap are more critical than ever. The Senate’s proposals are refreshing on the heels of Governor Cuomo ignoring these realities in his ‘State of Denial Address.’

“Added protections that keep taxes from becoming even worse, and a cap on state spending increases are also welcome.

“We would caution the Senate to refrain from viewing property tax rebate checks as anything more than expensive window dressing, given the enormity of the property tax problem.

“Albany is responsible for New York’s lack of competitiveness, not Washington. That fact is irrefutable. Reforms that make our state more affordable are long overdue. It is up to the Legislature to take responsibility and pursue policies that save New Yorkers money without adding spending.”