State of the State: Cuomo Just Doesn’t Get It, His Fantasy Agenda Is Unaffordable

Reclaim New York Initiative Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following response to Governor Cuomo’s 2018 State of the State address:

“The Governor just doesn’t get it. People cannot afford New York. Nothing he said today will change that, in fact his agenda would make it worse.

“After overseeing seven years of Albany’s culture of corruption and unaffordable policies, it’s sad the Governor can only talk about inspiring citizens with a feeling of ‘management competence.’

“Governor Cuomo doubled down on his fantasy political agenda, while refusing to take responsibility for the real damage his policies have done to New Yorkers. Now he wants taxpayers to pay more to cover up failures across the state, from photonics labs, to the subway system. It’s a responsibility dodge for the ages. New Yorkers shouldn’t fall for it.

“It is Albany that has caused people to leave New York for years, not Washington.

“It is Albany that is forgetting Upstate with propaganda statements that ignore the harsh economic reality in the region.

“It is Albany that could help New Yorkers crushed by high property taxes with mandate reform. Instead, the Governor is pushing a gimmick to dodge responsibility.

“It’s time for the Governor and Albany to stop hurting, and start helping with policy that empowers New Yorkers, not government.”