Month: January 2018

  • Cuomo Blasts Washington for Cutting Taxes, Blames DC for His Own Tax Hike

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following response to today’s announcement that New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut will file a lawsuit over recently enacted federal tax reform: “This lawsuit is moronic. It’s spending our money attacking the federal government for actually cutting taxes for the vast majority of New Yorkers. “Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo’s budget […]

  • Chairman Lhota Doesn’t Get It. New Yorkers Can’t Trust MTA with their Money.

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement after the legislature’s joint hearing with MTA officials today: “If MTA leadership put half the effort they spend blaming Mayor de Blasio, and scheming to get more money from taxpayers, into fixing the subway, we’d all make it to work on-time. “Instead, after five long hours of […]

  • New Congestion Tax Makes NYers Pay to Bail Out MTA & Gov. Cuomo

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on the “Fix NYC” panel’s congestion pricing report: “Congestion pricing would be yet another massive new tax on New Yorkers. It would pass the bill for the MTA’s perpetual waste and management, and the Governor’s pass-the-buck leadership, to hard-working, overburdened commuters who can’t afford it. “More money, with no strings […]

  • Albany’s New Tax System Options Aren’t Taxpayer Protection, They’re Taxpayer Assault

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement today on the new tax system options included in the Department of Taxation and Finance’s “Preliminary Report on the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”: “After a month of Albany melting down over federal tax reform, this is what we get? This is a list of risky proposals that […]

  • De Blasio’s Divestment Scheme Advances Radical Political Agenda, Risking Tax Dollars, Pensions

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following response to the Mayor’s, and City Comptroller’s announcement that New York City would pursue divesting the public pension funds from oil and gas company investments:  “This isn’t about climate change or blunting the influence of energy companies. It’s about national politics. The Mayor’s willingness to risk taxpayer dollars and worker […]

  • Senate ‘Affordability Agenda’ Features Good Steps, But More Reform Needed

    Reclaim New York Initiative provided the following statement on the Senate majority’s “Affordability Agenda”: “The Senate Majority is focused on the right problem. New Yorkers are being driven out by an affordability crisis fueled by some of the worst tax-and-spend policies in the country. “The Senate deserves credit for taking the lead on urgently needed […]

  • Reclaim Initiative Slams Dangerous Scheduling Rules for Biz that Completely Ignore Reality

    Reclaim New York Initiative submitted comments to the New York State Department of Labor opposing proposed predictive, or “on call,” scheduling regulations. Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following statement: “These rules blatantly ignore reality. They will punish New York businesses for failing to do the impossible: predict the future. “This is gross overreach that […]

  • State of the State: Cuomo Just Doesn’t Get It, His Fantasy Agenda Is Unaffordable

    Reclaim New York Initiative Executive Director Brandon Muir offered the following response to Governor Cuomo’s 2018 State of the State address: “The Governor just doesn’t get it. People cannot afford New York. Nothing he said today will change that, in fact his agenda would make it worse. “After overseeing seven years of Albany’s culture of […]