Statement: Good on Mayor de Blasio for Standing up Against Council’s Attack on Term Limits

Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement applauding Mayor de Blasio for standing up against the City Council’s self-interested push to weaken term limits, further the group launched an Action Alert urging citizens to tell their councilmembers to vote ‘no’ on any proposal to extend term limits:

“The City Council’s self-interested proposal to weaken term limits is nothing short of an attack on the will of New Yorkers.

“Voters have overwhelmingly supported term limits twice. These limits are the people’s check on the power of their officials, and help open the political process to more participants. They are not the City Council’s to mess with.

“Mayor de Blasio deserves applause for his pledge to veto any bill to weaken term limits. The City Council must not undermine a commonsense policy for the sake of boosting political powerbrokers.”