Month: December 2017


    The Governor and state lawmakers are about to return to Albany to kick off another legislative session. It will be yet another exercise in backroom negotiations, and costly deals that make our state more expensive, and do little to clean up corruption. That is, unless New Yorkers step up and do something about it. It’s […]

  • Reclaim New York Initiative Cheers Signing of Bill Strengthening Access to Public Records

    Reclaim New York Initiative executive director Brandon Muir offered the following statement on the Governor’s signing of legislation into law that requires legal fees be reimbursed when plaintiffs “substantially prevail” in lawsuits over wrongful denial of Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests: “This is a big win for citizen-driven transparency, and the fight against public […]

  • Hempstead Town Council’s Passage of Shameless Personnel Moves Attacks Democratic Process, Taxpayers, Ethical Govt.

    Reclaim New York Initiative statement on the Hempstead Town Council’s passage of the Town Supervisor’s personnel move that would give raises, move, and otherwise payoff and protect select town employees: “This move is an absolute disgrace. It’s a shameless attack on the democratic process, hard-working people, and the principles of open government. “Way to slap […]

  • Statement: Hempstead Supervisor’s Shameless Personnel Scheme

    Reclaim New York Initiative provided the following statement on Hempstead Town Supervisor Anthony Santino’s proposal to pay off, and shield, select employees from the incoming administration: “Supervisor Santino’s shameless personnel moves reveal a disturbing attitude that government exists to serve the interests of a political machine at taxpayers’ expense. “The Town Council should vote down […]

  • Tell Hempstead Town Council: Reject Supervisor Santino’s Shameless Political Machine Payoff

      Last month’s historic election which showed Town of Hempstead residents want new leadership. Outgoing Town Supervisor Anthony Santino’s even said he wished incoming Supervisor Laura Gillen, “the best of success as she assumes the position of Hempstead Town Supervisor” and that he looked forward “to working cooperatively with her to ensure a smooth transition.” […]

  • Statement on FBI Investigation into Governor Cuomo’s Administration

    Reclaim New York Initiative executive director Brandon Muir offered the following statement on the news that the FBI is investigating the Governor’s office’s practices related to hiring:  “While there is clearly more information to come out, it is equally clear that Albany’s sleight of hand with taxpayer money and culture of corruption warrant this increased […]

  • NIFA’s First Budget Should be the Last from Nassau’s Era of Dumpster Fire Finances & Fees

    Reclaim New York Initiative Long Island Regional Director Michael Watt provided the following statement on the Nassau Interim Finance Authority’s passage of a budget for Nassau County: “After years of failed leadership in Nassau County there’s little choice left but for the state’s budget babysitter to do the legislator’s job for them. “The final budget shows reasonable cuts can […]

  • Action Alert: Mt. Vernon City Council Budget Serves Public, Nixes Mayor’s Self-Serving Budget

    Mount Vernon residents are no longer stuck with the Mayor’s nightmare of a budget. The mayor’s proposal would not only raises taxes on his already overtaxed residents, but give himself a raise in the process. The council puts an end to this costly fantasy. The City Council President and City Comptroller offered a counter-proposal. This […]

  • State Supreme Court Declares Revenue-Raising Fees Unconstitutional

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on a New York State Supreme Court decision that declared the use of excessive fees to raise revenue for general fund expenditures unconstitutional (Coma Realty Corp. v. James E. David, Acting County Assessor of Nassau County, the County of Nassau, and the Nassau County Legislature): “This is […]

  • Statement: Good on Mayor de Blasio for Standing up Against Council’s Attack on Term Limits

    Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement applauding Mayor de Blasio for standing up against the City Council’s self-interested push to weaken term limits, further the group launched an Action Alert urging citizens to tell their councilmembers to vote ‘no’ on any proposal to extend term limits: “The City Council’s self-interested proposal to weaken […]