Statement on Passage of Suffolk County Budget

Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on the Suffolk County Legislature’s passage of a new 2018 county budget. At a press conference earlier today, the group called on the Suffolk County Legislature to remove fees that illegally generate massive revenue from the budget (which they failed to do):

“Suffolk County legislators refuse to get the message: illegal fees are theft, stop stealing from residents.

“They continue to cynically pick the pockets of families trying to buy their first home, and seniors paying off a loan, instead of doing their jobs and budgeting within the law.

“This budget plans on more illegal revenue from fees, and turns to adding debt, making the budget more of a bloated, unaffordable mess than ever before. It seems Suffolk officials have never met a risky budget gimmick they didn’t like.

“Rather than responsible leadership that honestly faces long-term financial problems, legislators and the County Executive once again have used dishonest, illegal, and risky tactics to patch their sinking budget for one more year. Of course, it is the hard-working Suffolk taxpayers who will foot the bill when disaster strikes, not the politicians taking advantage of them.”