TZ Bridge Toll Task Force Mess Shows Albany Is Breaking Promises, Ignoring Residents, to Avoid Revealing Cost
Reclaim New York Initiative offered the following statement on the Thruway Authority’s Toll Advisory Task Force dysfunction: 
“This is another slap in the face to the very Rockland and Westchester residents who will foot the bill for this bridge, and use it the most.“Instead of living up to promises of an open process and monthly meetings, all this task force has given residents is more reason to be concerned the state is trying to hide a massive incoming toll hike for political reasons.“Somehow Albany can rush to rename the bridge late at night, and abuse the constitution in the process, but they can’t be bothered to come clean about how much it will cost residents.

“This is another clear sign the Governor’s political priorities are coming far ahead of the concerns of Westchester and Rockland commuters and taxpayers. The shell game Albany is playing here only increases the risk of an explosion in costs that could spread statewide.”

Reclaim New York Initiative commissioned a poll that showed 69 percent of Westchester and Rockland residents disapproved of the bridge being renamed before the toll increase was known. For more on the poll, click here