Tell Hempstead You Deserve Real Ethics Reform at the Town Board Meeting & Rally on Sept. 5th

Residents in the Town of Hempstead might finally get the ethics reform they deserve.

Since 1990, the Town of Hempstead hasn’t updated its ethics laws. But now, real ethics reform is up for debate.

Supervisor Anthony Santino has proposed a plan that would cut down on nepotism and conflicts of interest in Hempstead. But it isn’t enough.

Tell the Hempstead Town Board to:

  • Require all contracts, bids, and spending information to be posted on the town’s website.
  • Require all companies doing business with the town to disclose political donations to town elected officials.
  • Defeat the Santino proposal which creates more career politicians by capping outside income for elected officials.
  • Make violating the town’s ethics laws punishable by a fine.

Join Reclaim New York Initiative on September 5th and tell the Hempstead Town Board that you deserve real ethics reform.

Tuesday, September 5th

  • 9:00 AM – Let your voice be heard in a rally at the entrance of Hempstead Town Hall.
  • 10:30 AM – Speak in support of real ethics reform at the Hempstead Town Board meeting.

Hempstead Town Hall

1 Washington St.

Hempstead, NY 11550