Ulster County Legislator Proposes Abusive, Unjustified $500 Fee On His Measure To Require Licenses For Electricians

Ulster County Legislator Hector Rodriguez has proposed a bill that would require all electricians to be licensed by the county before working in Ulster. What is touted as a common-sense proposal is really just an abusive and unjustified burden on workers.

If the measure is passed, electricians will have to pass a written test to obtain an Ulster County license. And then they’ll have to cough up $500 for a licensing fee, forcing workers, homeowners, and businesses to pay higher costs for an unnecessary license.

And if you live in the Empire State but aren’t an Ulster County resident, the licensing fee to do business in the county would cost you $750. Not a New York State resident? That fee will jump to $1,500.

And that is just the first step. This law would require an annual renewal of the license that costs an additional fee each year.

An electrician must have seven years of working experience before they are eligible to take the county licensing exam. This creates a barrier for new electricians to enter the field and will ultimately increase costs for consumers.

The proposal would allow electricians to be “grandfathered out” of taking the exam if he or she can prove they have been doing business in Ulster for more than 11 years. But they would still be required to pay the fee.

This clause excusing individuals from having to take a test to verify their knowledge proves that the key motivation of the law isn’t to ensure safety. It’s to raise funds for the county.

Ulster County residents and contractors spoke out against similar legislation proposed in 2009, and they must make their voices heard again before turning on the lights in Ulster County becomes needlessly more expensive.

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