Action Alert: Tell Albany to Come Clean on Tappan Zee Bridge Cost

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Albany legislators rushed a backroom deal to slap Governor Cuomo’s father’s name on the Tappan Zee Bridge.

New poll results show New Yorkers in the Hudson Valley are disgusted by this late-night scheme that misused a provision in the State Constitution reserved for emergencies to ram through the bridge naming. It’s no wonder when it cut them out of the process, and avoided public debate on the issue.

Worse still, Albany won’t tell commuters how much they’ll pay to cross the new $4 billion span.

Reclaim New York Initiative polled 400 likely voters in Rockland and Westchester County, and those surveyed opposed the renaming of the bridge with more than a twenty-point margin.

It’s clear that New Yorkers overwhelmingly oppose this shady deal, especially when it’s unclear how much they’ll be paying for all of it.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. A massive 69.1 percent of respondents disapprove, and 55.7 percent strongly disapprove, of Governor Cuomo and state legislators renaming the Tappan Zee bridge before explaining how they’ll pay for it or how much the toll will cost.
    • Only 15 percent approved.
  1. Respondents overwhelmingly disapprove of renaming the Tappan Zee bridge after Mario Cuomo.
    • 53.8 percent disapprove with 43 percent strongly disapproving.
    • Only 33.1 percent approve with just 16.1 strongly approving.
    • 65 percent disapprove of a Suffolk County state legislator proposing renaming of a bridge in Rockland and Westchester after someone from Queens.
  1. There is huge opposition to Albany renaming the bridge by rushing, and abusing legislative process.
    • Just 14.4 percent, and only 7.9 percent strongly approve of how Albany pushed through the bridge renaming.
    • A massive 77.5 percent disapprove, 62.5 percent strongly disapprove.
  1. There will be consequences for 2018.
    • 63.1 percent said they’re less likely, with 39.7 percent much less likely, to vote for Governor Cuomo and state legislators who supported renaming the bridge.
  1. A plurality of respondents didn’t want bridge renamed at all.
    • 43.3 percent preferred keeping the current name.
    • 18.5 percent wanted to name the new bridge after fallen police or veterans.
  1. Westchester, Rockland residents agree they should have been involved in naming the bridge.
    • 79.6 percent of respondents agreed, compared to 15.4 percent who disagreed residents should have a role in naming the bridge.
  1. When asked if the bridge naming symbolized Albany dysfunction, and showed lawmakers were out of touch, 63.7 percent of respondents agreed.
  1. Albany’s priorities are backwards.
    • 71.1 percent of respondents preferred Albany focus on tax reform.
    • 22.6 percent said ethics reforms like term limits.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Call and email your state legislators to tell them that you deserve to know how much the toll will cost.
  1. Sign our petition below to tell Albany you’re outraged with this backroom deal to rename the Tappan Zee bridge.



Should the Tappan Zee Bridge be renamed?

Governor Cuomo and Albany lawmakers rushed to rename the Tappan Zee bridge with a backroom deal. This was an abuse of power and out of touch with the real issues that matter to me as a New Yorker, and new polling shows my neighbors strongly agree. It’s time the state finally show us how much we’ll pay for the new $4 billion bridge and what the toll hike will be, rather than trading favors behind closed doors.

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