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Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature left the extraordinary session without addressing the MTA crisis or epidemic of public corruption, but did find the time to name bridges and parks after themselves and their loved ones.

The omnibus bill they passed touches on many issues; its main provisions extend mayoral control of NYC schools for two years, continue to allow counties to hold higher sales taxes for three years, and increase funding on certain special projects upstate.

The bill drew condemnation on both sides for being jammed together in closed-door backroom sessions, without the approval or even consultation of rank-and-file members – even when the provisions directly applied to their constituencies.

The results of last week’s special session is another classic example of everything that is wrong with Albany. Lawmakers are giving themselves a big pat-on-the-back for accomplishing nothing special at all.

Here’s what you need to know

1. During each year of De Blasio’s tenure, mayoral control has been tied to an increase in the number of charter schools in the city, and has been extended on a year-to-year. This year, the extension was for two years, and yet, not even one more charter school was authorized into state law.

2. The bill goes forward with the controversial provision that renames the “Malcolm Wilson-Tappan Zee Bridge” to the “Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge,” even though Gov. Cuomo has conceded that his father probably would not have wanted the bridge to be named after him.

3. The legislation seems to cover every conceivable issue – except for many of the most important ones. Governor Cuomo has declared that the MTA is in a “state of emergency,” but the organization is not addressed in the bill. Similarly, ethics reform is not touched upon, despite the crisis that has pulled down many public officials across the state.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Call and email your state legislators to tell them to focus on the real issues that matter to New Yorkers.

2. Sign our petition below to make legislators remember that the taxpayers should always come first.

Tell Albany to Stop Wasting Taxpayer Time and Money

Albany wrapped up its special session last week orchestrated by Governor Cuomo himself. Not too shockingly, the state legislature patted themselves on the back for an Omnibus bill that accomplished little to nothing. The bill is another classic example of everything that is wrong with Albany.
For instance, during each year of Mayor De Blasio’s tenure, mayoral control has been tied to an increase in charter schools. This year, the extension was granted without expanding the number of city charter schools. As we know, charter schools have been crucial for giving more students opportunities for success, and now success may come for less students.
More frustrating, Cuomo has told New Yorkers to prepare for a “summer of hell” as the bill did nothing to address the current state of emergency with the MTA. Instead, legislators wasted valuable time on the topic of renaming the Tappan Zee Bridge after Cuomo’s late father, rather than prioritizing the many current issues at hand.
Sign our petition today to let your legislators and Gov. Cuomo know you will not stand for more wasted time and little progress.

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