Month: July 2017

  • New Poll Shows Nearly 80 Percent Disapprove of Governor, Legislature Cutting Backroom Deal to Rename Tappan Zee Bridge After Mario Cuomo

      54 Percent of Rockland and Westchester Residents Disapprove of Renaming Bridge After Former Governor 80 Percent Feel Westchester and Rockland Residents Should Have Had a Role in Naming Bridge that Joins Their Two Counties (New York, NY) – The rush to name the New Tappan Zee Bridge after the Governor’s father has left a […]

  • Action Alert: Tell Albany to Come Clean on Tappan Zee Bridge Cost

    Albany legislators rushed a backroom deal to slap Governor Cuomo’s father’s name on the Tappan Zee Bridge. New poll results show New Yorkers in the Hudson Valley are disgusted by this late-night scheme that misused a provision in the State Constitution reserved for emergencies to ram through the bridge naming. It’s no wonder when it […]


    Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature left the extraordinary session without addressing the MTA crisis or epidemic of public corruption, but did find the time to name bridges and parks after themselves and their loved ones. The omnibus bill they passed touches on many issues; its main provisions extend mayoral control of NYC schools for […]