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The Town of Lincoln is known for an idyllic, rural countryside, and fresh air. It’s been this way since 1896, when the town was first incorporated. Lincoln is now the youngest such municipality in Madison County, there are few other places in New York where one can find a building on the National Registry of Historic Places and a state-of-the-art frisbee golf course within a short drive of one another.

Now, 121 years after its founding, Lincoln officials, along with the local IDA, are pushing a new fertilizer plant that has citizens up in arms – and noses. It would be both an eyesore on the community and a supplier of foul odors across the town.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The local Industrial Development Agency bought the land for the project, and is pushing the project through with local officials.
  • The plan would build an 18-million gallon lagoon on Buyea Road that would serve as a fertilizer plant for the area within a 75-mile radius.
  • Twenty semi-trucks full of fertilizer will be constantly cycling in and out of the complex, creating noise pollution from the hours of 6:30am to 7:00pm.
  • It risks lowering property values for homeowners anywhere near the plant.
  • The plant is considered Type I by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, which means that it will have a “significantly adverse impact on the environment.”
  • Studies show that people living near these type of phosphate fertilizer plants are twice as likely to develop lung cancer and osteoblastic leukemia.
  • The company building the plant is Canadian, and is could receive government grants from the state for the construction of the plant.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Call and email town officials to tell them to stand against this plan.
  • Sign our petition below to send a message to local officials that it’s time to snuff out this fertilizer plant scheme.

Tell Lincoln Officials Their Fertilizer Plant Stinks

Town of Lincoln officials, and the local IDA, should listen to residents who are speaking out against their plan to push through a fertilizer plant, and put an end to it.
Residents of Lincoln would be in for a messy situation.

There are legitimate fears that home values will decrease, the environment will be negatively affected by foul odors and chemicals, and even potential health concerns. More frustrating, the plant is set to create only 5 part-time jobs, and state and local taxpayers may foot part of the bill through grants and the IDA buying the property for the plant.

I urge you to be accountable to Lincoln residents who are largely opposed to this plant and stop this project from moving forward.

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