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For the third year in a row, the New York Assembly approved a bill that would create a universal single-payer healthcare system across the state.

If you’re thinking the State Senate will staunchly stand in the way, so there’s no way Albany is about to take over the healthcare system, you might be in for a shock

Yes, the State Senate has not acted on single payer in any of the past three years. But this session, they were just one vote – ONE VOTE – away from passing the legislation.

There are 63 Senators in New York’s upper chamber. State Senate Bill 4840, or the New York Health Act (NYHA), had 31 cosponsors this session, or 49 percent of that legislative body.

So it would take just one more Senator to flip his or her vote, and the bill will be sent to the Governor.

Could that Senator be Kenneth P. LaValle of Suffolk County?

Senator LaValle has been in the legislature since 1976. He most recently was a “leader” in helping to pass the “Excelsior Scholarship,” which now provides taxpayer-funded tuition at all New York public universities.

With regards to single-payer healthcare, LaValle has said that he’s seen it as an inevitability – certain to occur within the next five to ten years. If it does come to pass, however, the state would require roughly $100 billion in new taxpayer revenue. This would, on average, cost every household an extra $12,436 in annual taxes.

First taxpayer-backed tuition, next taxpayer-backed healthcare. It seems as if the Senator never learned that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Let’s make sure that Senator LaValle realizes that we need a break. Let’s make sure that he understands how his constituents want him to vote. Let’s Reclaim New York.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • NY state and local debt is already over $350 billion with a debt to GDP ratio of about 23 percent and almost $18,000 of debt per citizen.
  • Annual taxes to account for single payer healthcare would have to be increased by more than $90 billion. And that’s the conservative estimate.
  • The plan is projected to destroy roughly 175,000 jobs in New York.
  • Senator LaValle is considering supporting the bill, and would be the deciding vote.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Call and email State Senator LaValle to tell him that New Yorkers can’t afford this experimental policy.
  • Sign our petition below for Reclaim New York Initiative to hold legislators accountable, and stop an Albany takeover of your healthcare.

Tell Senator LaValle to take a firm stand against single payer healthcare in New York.

It’s time to tell Senator LaValle to take a firm stand against single payer healthcare in New York.

New York Health Care Act=Failed Obamacare

This new bill, will create more of a bombastic burden for New Yorkers, rather than coherent coverage. LaValle’s support of this bill would effectively force Albany to hike taxes by $91 billion every year, and will only continue to ensure New York carries the heaviest tax burden in the country.

For those who choose to remain in the state, transitioning to a single-payer system would disrupt coverage for millions. It will essentially outlaw your right to private health care insurance and force you to accept often terrible government-run healthcare.

Providing health insurance for those who cannot afford it, is a noble aspiration. However, the reality is nothing in the world we live in is free. This plan is not only far from feasible but simply unaffordable.
Sign the following petition to voice your opinion and to demand that Senator LaValle rejects Bill S4840 so that less New Yorkers leave our state.

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