Action Alert: Tell Tompkins County To End Unaffordable Ban on Natural Gas

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Watch out. The Tompkins’ County Energy and Economic Development Task Force (EEDTF) is pushing friends in Albany to extend a politically-driven ban on natural gas, meaning that new Lansing resident customers would no longer able to purchase a readily-available and cost-effective local source of energy.

What’s so electrifying about this? The decision was made without consulting anyone from Lansing. Rather, community leaders are speaking out against the moratorium as they seek to build new homes in the community, which would lead to a growth of new families and new businesses.

The Governor’s plan for expanding renewable energy and lowering gas emissions is placing stress on communities to adapt to his requests. However, the EEDTF is driving down this new road in the wrong way, and residents are the ones feeling the pain of each and every pothole.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Repealing the ban would allow for a greater supply of natural gas, which is both cheaper and more abundant, as it is the Northeast’s top source of energy.
  • Only 12 percent of Tompkins County’s greenhouse gas emissions came from local power plants in 2008. The majority of its energy needs are filled outside the local area.
  • The Energy Information Administration reported that since 2005, the US carbon-dioxide emissions have been cut by about 700 million tons — far more than any other country in the world – largely because of increased natural gas production.
  • The Governor’s Renewable Energy Plan utilizes taxpayer money in helping to subsidize the wind and solar panel industry. However, the cost of operating these sources is overly expensive, and hikes up energy bills for all New Yorkers thanks to the state’s nonsensical energy policy.

Here’s what you can do:

Call and email the Tompkins County EEDTF and the New York State Public Service Commission and tell them you do not support their natural gas moratorium, it’s just making life more expensive for little to no environmental benefit.

Sign this petition to help Reclaim New York Initiative to hold local officials accountable every day.

Stop the natural gas moratorium

Stop the natural gas moratorium.

This politically-driven ban on access to natural gas will only make it more difficult to afford to live here.

The facts show there is little environmental basis to attack this cheap, reliable energy source. Natural gas has arguably helped reduce carbon emissions, and plants have almost no impact on Lansing anyways.

Residents are already shackled with massive burdens from state and local taxes - this moratorium will only worsen our economic situation, as energy costs rise back up to levels not seen in over a decade.

The state’s energy policy is nonsensical, and abusive to localities. Still, other areas have managed it without imposing such a radical, costly ban.

Don’t make it even harder to make ends meet. Stop this radical natural gas ban now.

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