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It is no secret that New York’s transit system is a disaster. Heck, it’s gotten so bad, the MTA was just served a class action lawsuit for damages over poor LIRR service.

The MTA finally announced plans to deal with the summer of hell commuters are facing.

The big idea? Warn commuters that the trains are a mess with ads, ask them to consider not taking the LIRR as much, and send them on boats and buses to Manhattan.

Long Island commuters know the train’s a mess. They’ve faced years of declining service thanks to MTA’s mismanagement, and big spending on flash, not fixes. Amtrak’s incompetence in running Penn Station just adds to this perfect storm that’s drowning riders.

It’s time to demand accountability for the billions of dollars New Yorkers send to the MTA every year, and the hundreds of millions they send to Amtrak.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Evening rush-hour cancellations and delays on the LIRR have reached their highest level in 10 years.
  • The MTA has increased fares five times since 2007, at nearly three times the rate of
  • 56% of the agency’s 6,418-car fleet that hit tracks since 2000 — actually saw their performance drop further since 2011 than the older models, even though they haven’t even spent two decades on the
  • Commuters on the LIRR have been warned to expect what Gov. Cuomo has called “a summer of hell” because of Amtrak work to repair the infrastructure at Penn Station.
  • Gov. Cuomo has proposed a $20 million initiative to address only SHORT-TERM issues, and has yet to provide any long-term solution.
  • Many State officials and citizens have called for Penn Station to be managed by a private operator. In a recent statement, Amtrak apologized for the disappointment in the system, but still believes they can effectively manage without any changes.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Call and emailGov. Cuomo’s office, and the MTA today and tell them you WILL NOT stand for spending billions of dollars every year only to get patchwork solutions, and no long-term solutions.
  • Sign up for Reclaim New York Initiative and hold Albany and the MTA accountable.
  • Sign the petition now and we’ll deliver a message to the MTA and Albany officials that you demand accountability.

MTA Commuter Hell

The summer of hell is here, and the MTA did nothing to stop it. But that doesn't mean there's no hope.
Sign our petition now and we'll deliver a message to the MTA and Albany officials that you demand accountability.
Tell them it's time to live within their means, and use the billions of dollars we already spend to fix the system. Right now they're readying more spending for new projects and ignoring maintenance.
The chronic delays, suspensions, high costs, and bad service must end.

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