Action Alert: Tell Albany to Stop Playing (Video) Games with Your Money

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Albany wants to give video game and music productions a one-up over the rest of New York’s taxpayers and businesses. It’s the latest in the state’s long line of “economic development” schemes.

Lawmakers have spent all session making New York more unaffordable, but rather than make up for it now, they are considering more insider handouts.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The cost is estimated at $50 million per year. But that’s just the number when they push start. The $420 million-plus Film & TV Tax Credit started at a much lower price point. Over time, that credit has blown $1.3 billion on scores of productions.
  • That expensive handout has accomplished little for New York other than some short-term jobs, and a decline in the number of movie productions last year. Expect the same weak results from sending tax dollars to video game and music companies.
  • The state, driven largely by Governor Cuomo, spent $8.6 billion last year on “economic development” projects. For that failed approach we’ve gotten 7 percent job growth Upstate – compared to 11 percent nationally.

Here’s what you can do about it:

  • Call and email Cuomo’s office, and tell them you WILL NOT stand in continuing to fund these special interest industries, while New York’s economy is failing.
  • Sign up for Reclaim New York Initiative and hold Albany accountable for their wasteful spending.
  • Sign the petition below and we’ll deliver a message to Governor Cuomo and Albany that you demand accountability.

Tell Albany to Stop Playing (Video) Games with Your Money

Hey Albany, stop playing games with my tax dollars. Vote no on a $50 million tax break for video game and music productions.

The Governor’s “economic development” programs aren’t working. Spending another $50 million on another insider tax giveaway, while real New Yorkers struggle to pay for the worst tax burden in America, is unacceptable.

The expensive Hollywood tax break this new proposal is based on has not delivered results. There’s no reason to expect a similar break to work now.

The numbers don’t lie, billions spent on economic development have provided criminal indictments, but too few jobs. Stop pursuing this failed approach to repairing the economy, and pursue broad tax relief that gives all New Yorkers a shot to build a future here.

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