Action Alert: Tell Albany to Stop the Mandate Madness


Across New York, there’s not a question as to whether property taxes are high, it’s just a matter of how high. One big reason why: unfunded mandates.

In some parts of the state, like Long Island, and the Hudson Valley, property taxes are among the highest in the entire nation. For an area like Binghamton, homeowners face the worst property tax burden in America as a percentage of home value.

Albany tells municipalities to do things, like administering the Medicaid program, but does not have to provide funding. Costs from unfunded mandates eat up 65 percent of county spending. In fact, according to NYSAC, it only takes 9 big mandates to use up all property tax revenue in some counties.

This is why counties look for more of your money through property taxes.

Key measures are alive in the legislature to stop the mandate madness, here’s what you should know:

  • Assembly Bill A2922 and Senate Bill S2323 would get rid of unfunded mandates entirely by forcing Albany to pay for state-mandated programs. This represents long overdue reform, and would mean lawmakers are held accountable for all the programs and demands they push down to localities.


  • Assembly Bill A1680 would delay unfunded mandates for three years if they carry a significant cost. It would push pause on making the problem worse, and provide a chance for reform before property taxes get even more unaffordable.

Here’s what you can do:

Tell your state legislators to pass these mandate reforms – Senate, and Assembly. They should make these bills a priority before it is too late. New York is already unaffordable, in large part because of out-of-control property taxes. Reform is overdue, and time is short. Act now.