Bill to Protect Ratepayers from Cuomo Nuclear Bailout a Step in the Right Direction


Reclaim New York Initiative released the following statement applauding (S6651) introduced by Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan to end the zero-emission credit system that forces energy companies to pass costs for the Governor’s nuclear plant bailout onto New York consumers. The bill would instead use Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative funds: 

“New Yorkers who are already paying some of the highest energy prices in America can’t afford to foot the bill for even higher costs to bail out failing nuclear plants.

“The need for the Governor’s bailout was never publicly reviewed. It was designed to keep New Yorkers, and even the legislature in the dark, while avoiding any sense of accountability.

“Senator Flanagan’s bill exposes this raw deal. It protects taxpayers and consumers by reducing the costs of the Governor’s program using funds from an anti-carbon emissions program. This legislation should be passed without delay as the first part of a broader effort to create energy policy that makes New York more competitive, and lowers costs.”