Senate Must Stand Strong Against Single-Payer Healthcare Takeover, Urges Reclaim New York Initiative

Group Blasts IDC, Valesky, for Pushing Most Reckless Bill in History of New York

(New York, NY) — With single-payer healthcare, “Medicare for All” legislation just one vote from the 32 required for a majority in the Senate, Reclaim New York Initiative is urging Senate leadership, and all Senators to stand strong against a bill that rips personal control over healthcare from individual New Yorkers and gives it to the state.

Reclaim New York Initiative blasted the Senate IDC, and Senator Valesky for pushing a policy that would blow up an already shaky budget with an estimated $90 billion in annual costs. The organization has sent mailers into key districts to warn locals where their Senator supports this reckless legislation. These included Senator Brooks’ and Senator Valesky’s districts.

“Any legislator who values personal freedoms would stand against an Albany takeover of our healthcare. It’s unacceptable to have Senators who claim to be independent, falling into this reckless trap,” said Reclaim New York Initiative Executive Director Brandon Muir. “The push for this sickening policy is based on phony claims it would save money. In reality, government controlled healthcare removes choices, and crushes taxpayers who already face the worst tax burden in America.”

The group also applauded Senator Felder for his leadership in opposing the single-payer proposal.

“Alarm bells should be going off for New Yorkers that this healthcare takeover is one vote from reality,” said Muir. “Thankfully, Senator Felder has the courage to say no to the most reckless legislation in New York’s history.”

Reclaim New York Initiative is activating citizens to demand Senators stop Senate Bill 4840 through an Action Alert at

“Unless New Yorkers want their healthcare to look like the DMV or never-ending road construction, they must demand a stop to this overreach now. Albany should focus on making our state a better, more affordable place to live, not making it cost even more,” said Muir

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