Action Alert: Stop Albany’s Healthcare Takeover


Your healthcare could be changed forever in just a few weeks.

Legislation to create a single-payer healthcare system is just ONE vote away from becoming reality.

The State Assembly passed a “Medicare for All” bill which would establish a government run healthcare system and outlaw private insurance. It now has 31 sponsors in the Senate.

Tell your Senator to stand strong against Senate Bill S4840, which would blow up the state budget, and bury taxpayers:

  • The single-payer plan is being pushed with phony math that claims the takeover could save $50 billion. In reality it would cost over $90 billion – and one estimate had the cost at over $200 billion.
  • That would blow up Albany’s already bloated $163 billion budget, and $63 billion-plus debt. It would mean massive tax hikes on New Yorkers who already pay for the worst tax burden in America.
  • Healthcare is one of the most personal parts of your life. The “Medicare for All” plan would remove personal choice, outlawing private insurers, and leaving it up to bureaucrats.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Call and email your Senator now and tell them to oppose Senate Bill S4840, Albany’s healthcare takeover.
  • Call and email Senator Hannon, and tell him the Senate Health Committee should not consider this single-payer healthcare takeover.

Do we really want healthcare to be as expensive, or late, as other state projects? No. Act today before an Albany takeover of your healthcare gets any closer to becoming reality.