Reclaim New York Initiative Applauds Senate Passage of Bill to Reimburse Legal Fees in Freedom of Information Law Suits

Reclaim New York Initiative Executive Director Brandon Muir cheered the Senate’s overwhelming passage of Senate Bill S2392-Awhich would provide for attorney’s fees to be reimbursed when a petitioner wins a Freedom of Information Law case:

“This legislation is a big step forward for transparency in our state, and helps empower citizens to hold government accountable. We applaud Senator Gallivan, and Assemblywoman Paulin for leading on this issue, along with the bill’s cosponsors. Governor Cuomo should follow their lead by signing it into law without delay.

“No New Yorker should have to pay thousands of dollars to access basic records that are public under the law. Government is not supposed to be able to duck oversight by waiting out a citizen’s time, and ability to pay lawyers.

“This measure makes citizen-driven oversight easier, and that’s the only way to clean up corruption, and mismanagement across our state.”