Action Alert: Tell Albany to Vote for Transparency for Shady Non-Profits

The public corruption crisis that has reached every part of New York State can’t be fixed with one piece of legislation. Though it will require many steps to create the citizen-driven oversight we need to hold officials accountable every day, Albany lawmakers can help make state government more transparent, and accountable to citizens, by passing key legislation to strengthen Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).

It is completely unacceptable that the state is ducking basic transparency law by using non-profit entities – which aren’t subject to FOIL – to run their so-called “economic development” projects.

Tell your lawmakers to bring transparency to non-profits that have spent tax dollars on “economic development” (Assembly Bill 3077):

  • The state has created shady non-profits, like the Fort Schuyler Management Corporation and Fuller Management Corporation, to funnel public money to economic development projects.
  • These entities are not currently subject to transparency law, which is unacceptable. But indictments surrounding these non-profits and the Buffalo Billion are damning evidence this practice is ripe for corruption.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Call and email your Assembly member today and tell them to pass Assembly Bill 3077 (A3077). We need more transparency in government at every level. You can also tell your Senator to support a companion bill in the Senate.
  • Sign up for Reclaim New York Initiative and hold legislators accountable.

Over 90 percent of New York voters have demanded ethics reform. These are important steps in that direction. Make your voice heard, before it’s too late.