Action Alert: Albany Budget Beat Down NYers

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Is it any surprise that a budget built on B.S. ended up with a total mess that taxpayers will have to clean up?

New York’s bloated bulbous budget managed to make its way through backroom negotiations yet again. The total lack of transparency provided by Albany’s notorious three-men-in-a-room negotiating process meant that New Yorkers had a limited chance to weigh in.

The passage of a record-setting $153 billion state budget in the dark of night was, for both parties, an exercise in politics as usual. It loaded more out-of-control spending on top of outlays that were off the rails.

Things like taxpayer-backed college tuition fuel the Governor’s progressive values to Democratic primary voters nationwide, as he prepares for his likely presidential bid.

The Assembly got “Raise the Age”, and more education spending, though what value are we getting? This year, we’re funneling $1 billion more to education, bringing the total to nearly $26 billion, even though our national school-performance ranking dropped last year.

Yet Republicans, who run the state Senate, backed the plan with little more than a peep of protest. What did they get?

There was no middle-class tax reform, limited workers’ comp reform, and some big spending on water infrastructure they apparently wanted.

What was the point?

New Yorkers are just waiting for our $60 billion-plus debt time bomb to explode into more taxes and financial disaster. We already have the highest combined tax burden in the nation. The Senate did little to help the fact we can’t afford this budget.

Just how unaffordable is New York spending? Florida, which is now larger in population than New York but runs on a $82.5 billion annual budget.

That’s only a bit over half of the $153 billion budget New York legislators passed this year. Florida also doesn’t off-load its Medicaid bills to counties. And it funds its operations without an income tax.

Every New York lawmaker who failed to insist on reforms to lower New York’s massive costs is, in effect, embracing the idea that we must pay $70 billion more to a government mired in indictments, corporate payoffs, shadowy slush funds — and public employees who can make as much as 40 percent more than private-sector workers.

Yes, the Governor’s strategy is cynical, but at least it’s understandable. What’s the GOP’s excuse?

The economy won’t be fixed with more subsidies for hand-picked businesses, or over $400 million in more giveaways to Hollywood

New York towns and counties saw no mandate relief to help trim property taxes. No tax or regulatory reform. No pullback of nonsensical health-care taxes.

Nor was there any effort to make the process more transparent, even to lawmakers who weren’t part of the leadership.

This year’s budget charade proves again that almost nobody in the Capitol, on either side of the aisle, is interested in making the state more affordable. It’s time New Yorkers stand up, and take an active role in their government – before their government actively loots more of their hard-earned dollars. 

Sign our petition now let them know you remember they shoved through a budget that will drive more New York families out of state.

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Sign our petition now to let Albany know that you remember they shoved through a budget that will drive more New York families out of state. We’ll make sure to deliver your message directly to the Governor, and Albany legislators.

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