Month: June 2017


    For the third year in a row, the New York Assembly approved a bill that would create a universal single-payer healthcare system across the state. If you’re thinking the State Senate will staunchly stand in the way, so there’s no way Albany is about to take over the healthcare system, you might be in for […]


    The Town of Lincoln is known for an idyllic, rural countryside, and fresh air. It’s been this way since 1896, when the town was first incorporated. Lincoln is now the youngest such municipality in Madison County, there are few other places in New York where one can find a building on the National Registry of […]

  • ACTION ALERT: MTA Summer Of Hell!

    It is no secret that New York’s transit system is a disaster. Heck, it’s gotten so bad, the MTA was just served a class action lawsuit for damages over poor LIRR service. The MTA finally announced plans to deal with the summer of hell commuters are facing. The big idea? Warn commuters that the trains […]

  • Action Alert: Tell Tompkins County To End Unaffordable Ban on Natural Gas

    Watch out. The Tompkins’ County Energy and Economic Development Task Force (EEDTF) is pushing friends in Albany to extend a politically-driven ban on natural gas, meaning that new Lansing resident customers would no longer able to purchase a readily-available and cost-effective local source of energy. What’s so electrifying about this? The decision was made without […]

  • Action Alert: Tell Albany to Stop Playing (Video) Games with Your Money

    Albany wants to give video game and music productions a one-up over the rest of New York’s taxpayers and businesses. It’s the latest in the state’s long line of “economic development” schemes. Lawmakers have spent all session making New York more unaffordable, but rather than make up for it now, they are considering more insider […]

  • De Blasio Playing Chicken with Futures of Thousands of NYC Students

    Reclaim New York Initiative executive director Brandon Muir provided the following statement in response to Mayor de Blasio’s rally for Mayoral control of public schools today:  “Mayor de Blasio is playing chicken with the futures of 48,000-plus students waiting for a shot at a better education through charter schools. Parents should be appalled. “It’s a […]

  • Action Alert: Tell Albany to Stop the Mandate Madness

      Across New York, there’s not a question as to whether property taxes are high, it’s just a matter of how high. One big reason why: unfunded mandates. In some parts of the state, like Long Island, and the Hudson Valley, property taxes are among the highest in the entire nation. For an area like […]

  • ACTION ALERT: Tell Albany- Don’t Let Radical Scheme Risk Our Tax Dollars & Pensions

    Radical, narrow environmental interests are pushing lawmakers to force the state pension fund to divest from any investments related to fossil fuel energy companies. It’s a misguided plan that would have dire consequences, making New York State even more unaffordable. Reclaim New York Initiative Executive Director Brandon Muir called out this disaster of a proposal: […]

  • Bill to Protect Ratepayers from Cuomo Nuclear Bailout a Step in the Right Direction

      Reclaim New York Initiative released the following statement applauding (S6651) introduced by Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan to end the zero-emission credit system that forces energy companies to pass costs for the Governor’s nuclear plant bailout onto New York consumers. The bill would instead use Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative funds:  “New Yorkers who are […]

  • Senate Must Stand Strong Against Single-Payer Healthcare Takeover, Urges Reclaim New York Initiative

    Group Blasts IDC, Valesky, for Pushing Most Reckless Bill in History of New York (New York, NY) — With single-payer healthcare, “Medicare for All” legislation just one vote from the 32 required for a majority in the Senate, Reclaim New York Initiative is urging Senate leadership, and all Senators to stand strong against a bill […]